Beechcraft Baron 58P
  • XPDR GTX-330
  • MFD MX-20
  • TAWS ST3400
  • ELT ARTEX 406-N
Bombardier CL-215T
    Radar altimeter system AA-300:
  • RCVR/XMTR RT-300
  • Display RA-315
  • Antennas AT-300
Cessna Citation 650
  • Flight Data Recorder FDR F1000
  • Class A TAWS ST3400
  • ELT ARTEX 406-N
Piper Cheyenne II PA-31T
  • GPS-155 and GA-56 antenna
  • Moving Map Display Argus 5000
  • Stormscope Processor WX-500
  • Weather Radar System RDR-2000
  • Radar Graphic Comp RGC-250
  • Processor TRC-497

Eurocopter AS350 B3
    Electronic cabin console aimed at the control of a multisensor pod (TMS)

McDonnell-Douglas MD-369E
    Audio System Update
    Audio Panel PMA7000B
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Major and Minor Changes Certification

Jet Avionics EASA Part 21 Subpart J Design Organisation Approval (EASA.21J.227) let us to represent for our customers a complete one-stop consultancy. Experience on a large variety of modifications gave our design team great familiarity with the certification process and a deep knowledge of what it takes to comply with airworthiness regulations. Relying on a such solid Design Organization Assurance, our designers can provide solutions for Major and Minor Changes across a wide range of airplanes and helicopters.

The following is a list of some major and minor modifications chosen to highlight the variety of design solutions we are able to provide:

  • Major modification (STC) on Beechcraft Baron 58P with installation of two COMM/NAV/GPS Garmin GNS-430 FM Immunity and 8,33 kHz channeling, Garmin GTX-330 mode S XPDR, Weather Radar Bendix/King RDR-2000, Garmin MFD MX-20, Sandel TAWS ST3400, Sandel Navigation Display SN3500, Audio Panel Garmin GMA-340, L3 Stormscope Processor WX-500, ELT ARTEX 406-N, In-Flight Entertainment System with DVD/MP3/CD Player & microcamera.
  • Major modification (STC) on Bombardier CL-215T with installation of Honeywell Radar altimeter system AA-300 consisting of RT-300 RCVR/XMTR, RA-315 display and AT-300 antennas.
  • Major modification (STC) on Piper PA-31T with installation of Garmin GPS-155 and related GA-56 antenna, Eventide Argus 5000 Moving Map Display, L3 Stormscope Processor WX-500, Bendix/King Weather Radar System (IN-182A Display, ART-2000 ), BF Goodrich RGC-250 Radar Graphics Computer, BFGoodrich TRC-497 Processor and related NY-164 antenna.
  • Major modification (STC) on CESSNA Citation III 650 with upgrading of ACAS system from TCAS I (Bendix/King CAS-66A) to TCAS II (Bendix/King CAS-67A). Installation of solid state flight data recorder L3 FDR F-1000. Upgrading ELT to Artex 406-N provided with 406 MHz distress signal capability.
  • Major modification (STC) on CESSNA Citation III 650 with installation of CLASS A TAWS SANDEL ST3400.
  • Minor modification on Cessna 500 for replacement of transponder with Mode S Diversity Transponder Garmin GTX-330D.
  • Minor modification on MD Helicopters MD-369E with installation of PS Engineering Audio Panel PMA7000B in place of the obsolete model.
  • Minor modification on Beechcraft Baron 95-B55 with installation of two Bendix/King KX-165A with 8,33 kHz channeling capability in place of 25 KHz radios (mandatory use throughout European airspace by 2018).
  • In progress, Major modification (STC) on Eurocopter AS350 with installation of an electronic cabin console aimed at the control of a multisensor pod (TMS) equipped with Selex Radar Surveillance System.