Jet Avionics poster next to our Facility
Jet Avionics Entrance and Parking Area
Acceptance Area
Main Laboratory (view 1)
Main Laboratory (view 2)
Main Laboratory (view 3)
Gyroscopes' Laboratory (view 1)
Gyroscopes' Laboratory (view 2)
Altimeters' Laboratory
Batteries' Laboratory
Stocking Area
Accountable Manager Room (view 1)
Accountable Manager Room (view 2)
Trayining Room
Meeting Room
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Jet Avionics Facility Description

Jet Avionics has two facilities located both at Ciampino, Rome (Italy).

Jet Avionics is present at Ciampino airport, the second major airport in Rome, Italy, with a hangar having ramp access and measuring 6,000 sq.ft. where aircraft maintenance and installations are performed.

Very close to the airport we have our main facility consisting of offices extended for 4,000 sq.ft, a shop maintenance area of 9,000 sq.ft. and a basement of 8,500 sq.ft. for storage and packing.