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EASA part-21J Design Organization

Jet Avionics has been approved by EASA as a Part-21J Design Organization (EASA.21J.227) since 2006 after several years of activity in the avionic design field under the aegis of our national aviation civil authority. Starting from the establishment of DOA Jet Avionics' team of designers has grown, further skills and proficiencies acquired and many projects accomplished.

Presently, our experienced designers supply solutions for a wide set of avionic modifications and offer a complete engineering service providing support also for the structural aspects of design related to avionics.

The following is our Scope of Approval:

  • Design for replacement of electrical and avionics equipment/systems on all classes of aircrafts (CS/FAR 23,25,27,29).
  • Design for installation of electrical and avionic equipment and systems on all classes of airplanes and helicopters.
  • Design for structural major and minor modification related to the avionics matters on metallic structures including small antennas installation or replacement on pressurized and non pressurized aircraft.
  • Design for repair of removed equipment accessories installed on a/c skin
  • Design for installation of autopilot systems on general aviation aircrafts (CS/FAR 23)
  • Design of avionic or radiomeasures racks or consoles for installation on board of all classes of aircrafts.

Our designers have established excellence in the area of avionic engineering acquiring a solid experience and a deep knowledge of some of the most powerful software packages for the rendering, the simulation and the analysis of modifications. The following is a list of most common applications:

  • Autocad for the drawing of wirings, interconnections and electrical diagrams and for cockpit rendering.
  • AFGrow for the simulation of cycle by cycle crack propagation essential for determination of inspection intervals in case of fuselage modifications.
  • FEA software for the design of complex assemblies such as avionic racks or onboard control consoles for which a static analysis at loads defined by regulations is required.